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- The Kings -

(yup, that's our surname)

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We have always loved to share—share our experiences, mistakes, successes and love for travel, photography, life and each other.

5 years ago, we made the decision to leave our hometown for Asia and chase our dreams. Our very mundane jobs became an absolute adventure, and our regular holidays turned into a lifestyle people only dream about. Our dream was to see, taste and feel everything that the world has to offer, be happy, and happy all the time, all while having the financial security to do so with no debt at all.

Those of you who know us from TikTok, Instagram or Facebook would know that we have been doing this for a long time: work, travel and laugh a lot all while creating beautiful content of our everyday life. We don’t only share our beautiful highlights, but also all the real moments that this lifestyle brings: the good, the bad, the tears, the sweat and the laughs. We share real moments, because we know those moments are just as beautiful and just as defining as those peachy scenes.

Candy and the King is about real connections with real people. We’ve learned a lot to acquire the vital tools needed to create this lifestyle. We love sharing these tools to anyone else who has this dream or similar. We’re alive to ignite a spark in you.

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Hi, I'm Jonty King

Hi, I'm Jonty King

“The secret of happiness is not in doing what one likes, but in liking what one does.”–James M. Barrie.

For me, it’s always been about being happy, living a life that made me happy and making those around me happy.

I’ve always been about people and nature. Looking after our planet and its people, teaching that nature and humans have an amazing inter-connection with each other. So there was really only one subject at university for me to study and that was Environmental Management. But before completing my degree the excitement of adventure and chasing happiness was too much for me to control so I packed my bags and completed my degree whilst wearing a backpack.

Throughout the last 5 years I have had one goal or dream that has stuck, and that is to photograph my wife in every country of the world. The world is so big and amazing, I want to see and be a part of it all.

I’ve been told that I’m loud, fun and sometimes too happy, but I don’t see it. I get loud when I’m excited and I’m excited about everything–I just love new things and cultures. I have a theory that everything I see and experience is amazing and that it would be selfish of me to not include everyone in that experience. So, through content creation like photography, videography, writing and hashtags (lol) along with the support from my talented wife, I bring you (what I view as) the greatest experiences ever.

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And I'm Candy King

And I'm Candy King

I’m a creative. I know that sounds vague, but literally my mind runs at 100 miles an hour. I’m also a doer, so I bring many of those miles to life. Once I completed my BA Degree in Brand Communications specialising in Copywriting, I ran towards adventure—I knew I wanted something different.

I feel most alive when I see others pursue their dreams, and if I can help with that—oh my gosh, yay! So this is what I do to help people’s dreams come to life: I advise on brand building and management, but my absolute best is web development and that includes a whole lot of Jonty, GIF making, coding and design. Oh yeah, I know it's a lot, but like I said I’m a doer.

I have a romantic relationship with words, hence the degree in Copywriting. With this, I know the power of storytelling and how to teleport someone into an experience. So, I used this skill and wrote 4 books, publishing 3. One of them was even translated into Lao!

Also, something irrelevant (but not), when I was younger I always wanted to be a mermaid, so when I am not busy creating you can find me in the water living my other life.

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- Our Story -

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Born in a town called Durban on the east coast of southern Africa, we both attended well known schools in our hometown, Durban. Growing up in South Africa, you would think that we would’ve been exposed to a diverse array of cultures on a daily basis, but this was not the case. In Durban, we lived in what can only be described as “a bubble”; not being exposed to many cultures that were different from our own. But we loved growing up there and are both grateful for the foundation it gave us in life.

We met each other at what some might say was a young age (but we still wish it had been sooner). Our love story isn’t the typical high school sweetheart sort of thing. It’s way more real and—well—authentic. Our story doesn’t actually begin that lovely African evening in 2010 when we met, because in all honesty, the way we met was pretty much the same as any other. We met at a house party on a farm just outside the city, and one of us (Jonty) was for obvious reasons instantly obsessed with the other. One of us was seventeen and the other was twenty-one, both of us very oblivious to the amazing sequence of events that would only be revealed much later. After our first encounter, we parted ways none the wiser, and didn’t see each other for about a year and a half. That was until our two friendship groups somehow became one big group of awesome and amazing people.

We both loved hanging out with each other and spoke daily on social media, even giving each other relationship advice (lol). Always getting along and sharing a similar sense of humour, we gradually grew closer until we were basically “head over heels”. Our little love story actually began when we chose each other–one night both of us just clicked. We were both already very comfortable with one another and didn’t want to change what we saw, as a good thing, so it took a while but we eventually we became “official”, it just felt so right and we both just loved each other’s company. We were inseparable.

It was only a couple years later that our little story tumbled into a travel scene one evening in November 2014. We could never imagine our life being much different to that which we had already seen and known until that “aha” night. That evening would turn out to be the moment that everything changed for us. A normal date night transpired, somehow, into a conversation about our futures (it seems cliché, but it was very raw and real; nothing like those fairytale moments out of a Hollywood movie). Out of this conversation, came a conclusion that a “travel life” was it for us, and within three months, we were engaged, had resigned and were on our way to northeast China. Our engagement was so cool guys, you should have been there, and it involved an international airport runway and the most magnificent blood moon rising over the Indian Ocean. That was the first fairytale moment for us and the very beginning of a fairytale life.

Yup, it was the travel life for us and learning how to become a “travel couple” wasn’t something we could Google back then. We just had to figure out the whole “travel-couple-life” thing on the road. Over the last five years of working and travelling we have grown so much, seen so much, loved so much and laughed a lot.

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