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For all those who lost their lives in Gaza

Limited Edition 2024 Printable Calendar

R110 ($6)

Our limited edition printable 2024 calendar, with the dates of significant religious events, is a token of our solidarity for Palestine and more specifically Gaza.

This calendar is for all those who lost their lives in Gaza. As humans, we need to be better.

Every year, we create a printable calendar of our travels. This year, we dedicate our calendar to the genocidal crisis.

For decades, Palestinians living in Israel have paid 25% tax which fund the genocide against them. For this reason, 25% of profits go directly to Gaza.

We also added a personal touch to our religious printable calendar. We’ve included some of our own photos taken at remarkable holy sites around the world. These sites have shaped us into the people we are today.

There are also humanitarian quotes on each month- things that I think about, speak about and have written on social media.

Our deepest hope and prayer is that in 2024 the Palestinians will see their freedom by having equal rights and laws as other races living in Israel.

#FreePalestine #ThisIsForPalestine

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